Here’s What My SATISFIED Customers Have To
Say About The Quality Of My SOLO ADS!

Jeffery Baxter

Mark Call

Joe LoBalsamo

Ella Klassen

Ian Malone

Ed Kowalski

Katia Jaber

Joel Broughton

Eileen Chen

Mark Call

Zed Shah
Phil is one of the best solo ad sellers you’ll find. His list is responsive and I always get a great opt in rate and most times sales on the front end as well. My leads generated from Phil’s list have a high open rate on follow up emails too, a testament to how good his list is. The other thing I like about Phil is that he delivers FAST and always communicates to let me know what’s happening.

Julie Wilson
Phil always comes through! He’s a Rock Star solo ad provider! Every time he mails for me, he rocks it! The most recent solo ad Phil ran for me I purchased a 1,000 click package. He over-delivered 270 (1,270) and the clicks are still trickling in! Out of the 1,270 unique clicks I got 558 opt-ins for a conversion rate of 44% not to mention the sales I made that paid for the cost of the solo and made me profit on top of that! Thank you Phil for giving me high quality clicks and always in a rapid fashion.

You’re awesome and I will definitely be coming back for more!

Brenna Peabody
Executive Assistant

Job Crusher
I started purchasing solo ads from Phil about a year ago and he has over-delivered each and every time. I recently signed up for his monthly solo ad service and have made a positive ROI every time which is rare for most solo ad vendors. No one in the biz can deliver clicks at the speed Phil can either. I ordered 250 clicks the other day and about 10 minutes after my order my inbox was flooded with 103 new subscriber notifications for a 41% opt in ratio. The only thing that made me happier was the fact that I made 4 sales for a $400/mo residual income. If you are going to do solo’s; purchase them from Phil Springer.

Mitch McCargar
Phil crushed it with his 500 click solo; I ended up getting a total of 673 uniques! I got a 43% opt-in rate and 5 front end sales! That covered half of the solo ad cost right off the bat. I’ll definitely be getting some more high quality solos from Phil.

Thanks brother!

David Lelong
Your Service is THE BEST! GREAT job PHIL! This has been a great experience for me. You have over delivered and I just want to thank you for everything. Your service is THE BEST!!! I paid for a 250 package and then a 500 package. I ended up getting 929 unique clicks for an over-delivery of 173 (24%)! I got 287 leads/subscribers out of the 750 clicks for a conversion rate of 38%. That is a great response from your list! Thanks so much, I will definitely order from you again.

Luke Klos
Ordering a solo ad from Phil was an excellent experience. He responded to my emails promptly and over delivered on my 500 click order by by sending me more than 600 clicks! I received 2 sales from my initial solo ad and have confidence many more will convert on the back end I will definitely be doing more business with Phil!

Eddie Espiritu
Hey Phil,

Thank you for an EXCELLENT solo! You’ve totally over-delivered! I only bought 500 clicks and you’ve sent me 707. Plus, the conversions were awesome. I got 341 optins (48.2% optin rate) and 12 OTO sales (3.51%) optin to sale conversion).

I will definitely buy more again from you!

Thanks man!

Angelo Sayson
My Results From Phil Springer’s Solo Ads I bought a solo ad from Phil Springer for 250 clicks for $200 or $0.80 a click He promoted my Top Plugins for WordPress site. I got 277 clicks (27 extra) and 124 optins for a 45% conversion rate. I’d definitely recommend buying solo ads from Phil Springer.

Reed Floren
Thanks for the great solo ad! We got over 100 extra clicks and were very satisfied with the quality of leads. Highly recommend.

Frank Salinas
I wanted to give you a quick shout out of my results with your solo, I got a 37% conversion and 3 sales, thats a nice return, but most importantly, lets talk about the over-delivery you sent my way, that was huge, you sent 680 uniques for an order of 500 thats a whopping 36% over-delivery, I can’t thank you enough, the results were great for me.

Carlos Barahona
Just bought 500 Solo Ad from Phil and received amazing results. I ended up receiving 668 unique clicks and a very high Opt-In rate. I will definitely come back for more Solo Ads in the future!!

Michael Shih
Dude, that solo you sent out for me the other day was badass man. I only ordered 500 clicks, right? I got 657 uniques, 239 opt ins (36% conversion rate), and 5 sales… Those sales were for a $197/mo membership! So, I spent $225 once and netted a grand :) ROI on that is f’n insane… I’ll be back next week for more haha!

Jason Gazaway
We have had Great success buying Solos from Phil. He Always OVER delivers and his pricing is super competitive. Will continue buying solos from Phil.

Brent Coppieters
I bought a 250 unique click solo ad from Phil Springer and I am very happy with my results! He sent me 275 unique clicks (25 over-delivery) out of this traffic I got 110 opt ins (40% conversion rate) and 2 sales (Residual income monthly re-bill sales!) Thank you so much Phil I will be back soon for more!

Ariel Marin

Things To Know That Will Get You The BEST RESULTS!

    • 90%+ Tier 1 Traffic. 10% Over Delivery. Fresh Leads Added Daily. Buyers List (Included).
    • Fresh leads are added to my list daily and also list includes my buyers too.
    • Purchased clicks are delivered within 24 – 72 hours from sending. However, large orders may take up to a week to complete. Typically, most clicks are delivered within 24 – 72 hours.
    • I can write copy for your offer or use yours if you have one.
    • I can only send to free offers. If you need to promote your product directly, talk to me first before placing your order.
    • TRACKING your link: Please ensure you track your link before sending it to me. Also, my tracking result is final and non-negotiable.
    • By placing an order for our Fresh Live Traffic, you agree to the no refund policy.
    • Want LARGE Orders? We also offer 5,000 on upwards to 10,000 plus fresh targeted visitors to your offer. Contact ME DIRECTLY below for DETAILS!


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100 Unique Clicks

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250 Unique Clicks

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$0.70 Per Click

500 Unique Clicks Package

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500 Unique Clicks

Only $300.00

$0.60 Per Click

500 TIER-1/TOP-5 Unique Clicks Package
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500 T-1 Unique Clicks

Only $350.00

$0.70 Per Click

1000 Unique Clicks Package

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1000 Unique Clicks

Only $550.00

$0.55 Per Click

2000 Unique Clicks Package

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2000 Unique Clicks

Only $1050.00

$0.525 Per Click

3000 Unique Clicks Package

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3000 Unique Clicks

Only $1500.00

$0.50 Per Click

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“Are You a Repeat Customer?

Work With Me Long Term And Get a HUGE Discount”


** 3 Solo Minimum **


  • I do not appreciate scams and fraud and I treat such individuals accordingly.
    By subscribing to one of my monthly packages below you commit to at least 3 solo ads during the next 90 days (3 subscription-payment cycles).
  • If you are not ready to fulfill your commitment, please order a one time solo above.
  • All the prices below are for unique clicks, not raw. This exclusive offer is ONLY available to repeat customers
  • I RESERVE the right to refuse ANY Solo Ads. If I do not think it’s a good fit and if you cannot change the adcopy or URL I will refund your money.
  • By placing an order for a Solo Ad, you agree to the no refund policy. **My solo ad subscription service requires a Minimum of 3 months of solos sent and paid for to use. Billing & Rebill happens on the original sign up date.Sending happens on the calendar date you choose at time of subscription creation. Subscriptions will be paid for through PayPal. After 3 months of solos paid and sent you may cancel your subscription at any time.**


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  • To Our Online Success,
Have any questions?
Please email me or contact me via
Skype before you order.

DISCLAIMER: I reserve the right to refuse or refund any solo ads if I don’t think it’s good fit for my list… keeping a high quality list is extremely important to me and my customers. If you aren’t sure if your offer is a good fit, please contact me before ordering. Please keep your Solo Ad copy short . 200-300 words max…

I reserve the right to amend the copy in any way to ensure maximum deliverability and results for you! I reserve the right to start sending traffic to your URL before the provisional date without prior notice. I will always check your offer and if it’s not properly set up I’ll contact you to let you know and we can go through it together.

I offer no refunds unless I fail to deliver your ordered amount of clicks, or am unable to mail your offer – if for any reason I am unable to mail your offer, an immediate refund will be made to the Paypal address I received payment from.

I do not guarantee results, I only guarantee that I will send you the number of clicks you ordered. I CANNOT determine or predict the results you will receive with your solo ad. It’s up to you to have a high converting offer and sales funnel.

It is also your responsibility to understand how well your squeeze page converts. The testimonials on this page demonstrate exceptional results and don’t reflect the results that are typically achieved. However, I can guarantee that you will receive at least the number of clicks you purchased delivered from my list to your website URL.